Saturday, 19 December 2009

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year...

Seems like yonks ago I was in the Spanish sun, snow and -5 here at the mo in Selby...sets the Christmas scene nicely tho, and makes a mockery of the whole global warming thing (this is the coldest December here for 20 years+), most of it is a big tax con, letting Labour free to put "green" taxes everywhere...and give billions to the poor countrys we dont have, then they get richer, drive more cars...more carbon etc etc????

On the poker front got a 1st in a $10r for $1555, and a 2nd in a $5 for $1400 both on Victor Chandler (Ipoker), been playing a lot of 25/50p nl cash and the euro equivalent, very loose and much better than the $ tables, often 8 table these and the rakeback is building up nicely (50% rakeback), although have seen unreal stuff on forums re Ipoker, Vc have been banning winning cash players from their site!!! and withholding rakeback...crazy and disgraceful, hopefully they change their minds very fast...

I dont use Hold Em Manager or Pokertracker, I have my own notes, and honestley dont feel a need to buy that software as you see many regular players who always play the same...spoke to a player at these levels, he 13 tables 5 hours a day and raked back $9,000 last month...sweet!

Seen a few movies recentley...thought Paranormal Activity was very overrated, Inglorious Basterds was a good un, tho not up there with Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Looking forward to the return of 24 in Jan, the king of tv imo! tho really one more season and a movie should just about do it...he can only save the day so many times...

Hopefully 2010 I can crack on with the cash and maybe even get banned from Vc (obv winning a lot then!)

Friday, 20 November 2009

Spain - Costa Del Sol

Last day near Marbella on the Costa Del Sol, been here for three weeks and played a fair bit of live poker...the weather has been amazing for November, 23 deg+ and sun everyday, October was the hottest for 70 years here, global warming cooooool!

My best result was in a 100 + 50 add on (10k + 10k) with nearly 90 runners, 1st was 4500 euros and I came 5th for 700, abs gutted tho as when I left the table the last four did a deal for 2300 euros each, aghhhhhhhhhh! thats mtt poker I guess, never happy unless you win! got my luck with 14 left when short stacked shoved all in with a10 and my mate was also all in (blinded out after horrific beat, aa <<< kq for certain top 5 stack) got another caller one of the big stacks who flips kk, Ronan shows an ace and im "foooooook!" but amazing scenes! ace on the flop, turn ace, river 10...after that its a battle not to bubble the final, I double again with kk v 33 all in pre, and then steal some more pots, then for a massive chip lead im all in pre with ak v aq...flop..kj10, asfdaerafazvz! would have had at least 700,000 chips but noooo one of the shortys, but manage the 5th, the extra 1600 would have been very nice tho!

Had a few other results in smaller mtts, came 3rd in one then they did a deal 2! bubbled another payout when top 4 paid, 5th lol, etc etc!

If anyone reads this still, and you visit the La Cala/Fuengirola/Marbella area here are a couple of links to two of the Poker clubs...

Dave and Donna who are great hosts are moving from Caesars to CalaHonda so good look to them...

Online is still a disaster, and not much to say there, although I will grind on...

Played a bit of golf, but pretty unreal I have actually got worse! great courses out here tho...k back to Winter I guess...

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Down Swongament Attack!

Swell..the Ipoker downswing continues, AA might aswell be 24 off pre flop at the mo, as the hero callers keep taking me down, might just stick my arse in Woolies window but even that fkkas shut down here in sunny Selby!

Same old story of been pretty deep then vital flip when im ahead and then getting rear shafted by Sainsburys kiddo who then says "wp gg" in the chatbox..."ty get fucked shitbag" was my polite reply on one occasion, but in general I take it well...;)

So there it is <<<< in all its glory, a nice -$2k downswingament, pretty confident I will turn this around soon so watch this space (obv if this continues there may be no post for 4-5 months in keeping with 99% of blogs on the internet).

Have been playing and deleting a few other sites, Dtd was the 1st victim when I came 4th in a 10r for 800+ euros, damn sick when I was massive chip leader, 1st paying nearly 3k of those euro things, but 2 all ins when I ahead blew my balls...sigh.

Joined Bwin who have a good active schedule, but within 2 days on there they decided to block my account even when registered for 3 mtts, 3 days later still no answer on what is happening, and no news on refund where I will have been blinded out, wtf!!! bwin is not ftw at the mo!!!!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Random Thoughts From A Selby Poker Player...

Shit, nearly 2 months since the update...ha oh well I blame work...:) Ipoker has been a bit of a biatch, 100+ mtts and on a bit of a down slope, played the $1mil gtd last weekend (satted in) came 225th/1900+ paid at 200th, and $220,000 for 1st, sigh...and a bit shite on the cash tables on there but the rake is gooooot!

Full Tilt has been ok tho, got a 1st, 3rd and a 2nd for $2830, $2336, $1724 which was nice, also Pkr have started some nice deep stacked mtts everynight and got a 6th for $800, tho a10 beaten by a3 pre sucked with $4k up top.

Blonde Bash in Leeds last weekend, not as good as Cardiff as loads of people did'nt turn up, and the Shrewdies left at like 5.45pm which was fun, doubled up on the cash and won a £20 stt, didnt do out in the main comp tho, but drank lots of Peroni which is a fine lager imo.

Been listening to some old Muse and Arctic Monkeys stuff which is great, tho both there new albums are a big dip in form, and I loved the first Reverend And The Makers album, the new one is absolute pants!

Looking at booking for Spain in late October, not enjoying this change in temp..coooooolllld! right gonna get some results on Ipoker the mo fos!!!

Monday, 27 July 2009


Ha! where did the time go...Spain was great, did'nt play much poker out there...just chilled a lot of the time, came 2nd down at Caesars with about 21 runners, no biggie.
Time has flown as i've been working a bit for my friend as he is moving his plant hire business over the summer, dont mind it too much...bit of a change, and also reminds you the freedom poker can give! covering holidays for them really, esp in August as main fellas are off.

Also saw Blur live in Newcastle in a smallish venue (o2 academy), they were abs brilliant with Damon Albarn stage diving into the crowd 3 times! so full of energy and totally rocked, just need some new material at some point hopefully!

On the online poker front, my Bet N Go rakeback deal died, so got yet another Ipoker deal, this time on Victor Chandler which is a good un! Started on July 10th...and the graph is looking ok...

Sticking to one site really seems to be a good idea overall, you beat the variance more aswell as getting to know the regs (plenty of notes), plus im French on there which always helps with people calling.

Also playing a load of cash at 100nl on there to build up the rakeback, been going ok aswell. So will stick to the same stuff and see how August goes...

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Break Even - Bash Head

Ahhh, variance saw I had rebooted the blog and decided to smash me over the head! from 165 to 235 games from the last post, just yesterday finally got over the break even curve wen i got a 5th in a shitty $3r, pretty sick tho, aq v aj for massive chip lead, helllllloooo trip dirty BASTARDS! so $300 insted of $1400...

Its brudel stuff, 70+ games might not sound like much but im only really playing one site at the mo and it has been very frustrating, had a few games on Full Tilt to no avail and shoved a wedge on Dtd and found some poor structures on there, no good and may aswell have thrown the money off the Ouse bridge, would have been quicker and more productive...

Really should get my mind on the cash games more, been doing well at them, but the glory and big prizes of mtts always seems to take prime time, even though im only really playing up to $50 mtts with my new bankroll "nit" management...the hours and frustration of mtts really builds up, stick to cash!!! Spain on Saturday and looking forward to 25 deg plus and get away from this miserable rip off hole for a bit!

Ok off to start 6 tabling...mtts...werfdasdgfasegtadgadsgasrgazdgaszbhzdcgbdsgdaa

Currently listening to : Green Day - New stuff meh
Pigeons Outside - Ridic they are!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Back in Blog Town

Im Back! I may now get no readers at all though, as I pressed the "delete permanent" destruction switch on the last blog...thing is I actually enjoyed writing it, and a got a few pms from people I did'nt know asking me where the blog had gone, so here I am back at the keyboard, back in a wasteland of left and ignored blogs, people start them and dont you see 95% of them tail off? hopefully I will stick with this and show the bad and the good times of been a poker pro like i used to...

So why did I open a can of whupass on the last blog? well I had hit a new poker low at the time, Pab had started staking me and after an ok start I went on a terrible downswing on Full Tilt, I thank Pab for giving me the chance at this and fully understood when he wanted to call it a day but it left me feeling well depressed and one night I got a double whammy of piss taking from two m8s on Msn and for an hour I deleted everything to do with poker (lol) including the blog!

Over the last few months I have bounced back a bit with cash going well on a couple of sites and have had some good results on the Ipoker mtts, pretty much low stakes but a great schedule on there and very soft (hence me doing well)...$6k+ profit for the last month.

Still playing tennis and golf, got put in my place today by Horneris, I was 4-2 up in the 1st set, which he then won 6-4, 2nd set 6-0...ooooof!!!

Off to Spain in a couple of weeks, to a private villa (m8s birthday with bunch of family and friends) dont know how much I will play live, and probs not much online, just depends what happens out there...