Friday, 20 November 2009

Spain - Costa Del Sol

Last day near Marbella on the Costa Del Sol, been here for three weeks and played a fair bit of live poker...the weather has been amazing for November, 23 deg+ and sun everyday, October was the hottest for 70 years here, global warming cooooool!

My best result was in a 100 + 50 add on (10k + 10k) with nearly 90 runners, 1st was 4500 euros and I came 5th for 700, abs gutted tho as when I left the table the last four did a deal for 2300 euros each, aghhhhhhhhhh! thats mtt poker I guess, never happy unless you win! got my luck with 14 left when short stacked shoved all in with a10 and my mate was also all in (blinded out after horrific beat, aa <<< kq for certain top 5 stack) got another caller one of the big stacks who flips kk, Ronan shows an ace and im "foooooook!" but amazing scenes! ace on the flop, turn ace, river 10...after that its a battle not to bubble the final, I double again with kk v 33 all in pre, and then steal some more pots, then for a massive chip lead im all in pre with ak v aq...flop..kj10, asfdaerafazvz! would have had at least 700,000 chips but noooo one of the shortys, but manage the 5th, the extra 1600 would have been very nice tho!

Had a few other results in smaller mtts, came 3rd in one then they did a deal 2! bubbled another payout when top 4 paid, 5th lol, etc etc!

If anyone reads this still, and you visit the La Cala/Fuengirola/Marbella area here are a couple of links to two of the Poker clubs...

Dave and Donna who are great hosts are moving from Caesars to CalaHonda so good look to them...

Online is still a disaster, and not much to say there, although I will grind on...

Played a bit of golf, but pretty unreal I have actually got worse! great courses out here tho...k back to Winter I guess...


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