Saturday, 19 September 2009

Random Thoughts From A Selby Poker Player...

Shit, nearly 2 months since the update...ha oh well I blame work...:) Ipoker has been a bit of a biatch, 100+ mtts and on a bit of a down slope, played the $1mil gtd last weekend (satted in) came 225th/1900+ paid at 200th, and $220,000 for 1st, sigh...and a bit shite on the cash tables on there but the rake is gooooot!

Full Tilt has been ok tho, got a 1st, 3rd and a 2nd for $2830, $2336, $1724 which was nice, also Pkr have started some nice deep stacked mtts everynight and got a 6th for $800, tho a10 beaten by a3 pre sucked with $4k up top.

Blonde Bash in Leeds last weekend, not as good as Cardiff as loads of people did'nt turn up, and the Shrewdies left at like 5.45pm which was fun, doubled up on the cash and won a £20 stt, didnt do out in the main comp tho, but drank lots of Peroni which is a fine lager imo.

Been listening to some old Muse and Arctic Monkeys stuff which is great, tho both there new albums are a big dip in form, and I loved the first Reverend And The Makers album, the new one is absolute pants!

Looking at booking for Spain in late October, not enjoying this change in temp..coooooolllld! right gonna get some results on Ipoker the mo fos!!!