Thursday, 1 October 2009

Down Swongament Attack!

Swell..the Ipoker downswing continues, AA might aswell be 24 off pre flop at the mo, as the hero callers keep taking me down, might just stick my arse in Woolies window but even that fkkas shut down here in sunny Selby!

Same old story of been pretty deep then vital flip when im ahead and then getting rear shafted by Sainsburys kiddo who then says "wp gg" in the chatbox..."ty get fucked shitbag" was my polite reply on one occasion, but in general I take it well...;)

So there it is <<<< in all its glory, a nice -$2k downswingament, pretty confident I will turn this around soon so watch this space (obv if this continues there may be no post for 4-5 months in keeping with 99% of blogs on the internet).

Have been playing and deleting a few other sites, Dtd was the 1st victim when I came 4th in a 10r for 800+ euros, damn sick when I was massive chip leader, 1st paying nearly 3k of those euro things, but 2 all ins when I ahead blew my balls...sigh.

Joined Bwin who have a good active schedule, but within 2 days on there they decided to block my account even when registered for 3 mtts, 3 days later still no answer on what is happening, and no news on refund where I will have been blinded out, wtf!!! bwin is not ftw at the mo!!!!

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