Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lets Go Green!

After my recent rant regarding the tennis trading I calmed down and realised that a player retiring is rare, I was just unlucky...and have been doing pretty good since, have had limited success at the small go at the Flw, as I bottle it when the first one loses lol!

The pic above shows how sweet Betfair trading can be...when you cant lose with the home/away win or draw, maybe getting the hang of it, nice when they all hit green...

Also been looking at football games where you lay 4 goals or less and have had 4/4 winners so far, tennis I study the form...had a real nice result with the recent ladies final when Stosur was the underdog but won something like 6-0, 6-3, the other player destroyed her racket during the game, was comedy!

This is the last 7 days trading at bus driver levels...

Horse Racing: -£3.76 | Soccer: £116.02 | Tennis: £136.24 | Tote: | Total P&L: £248.50

Not bad for pressing a few buttons and enjoying the sports on tv...but nearly forgot this is a poker blog! forgot to say last time was doing well in the Pkr masters and got down to last 30, of course I got qq all in pre and LOST.

Playing the Victor Chandler Olympic Mtt's at mo, not many runners and should hopefully cash some prizes, though I missed the first three events of the Decathlon...

Actually been enjoying some new music this last week from some classic artists, Blur's new song is a good un, and Ash's A-Z series Cd is fantastic.

Tv wise enjoying 24, Entourage and The Office at the moment, film wise...pfft some real trash out there at the mo...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

April Half Time

Well its not brilliant half way through, in the first few days lost 10 buy ins! was all the usual trips v trips, aa lost 3 times pre etc etc...Yawnnnn! got 3 buy ins back at Omaha, and some small Mtt cashes.

Mtt's have got better on Ipoker now with double stacks at $10 freezeouts and above, so have played the odd one, have raked about $600 half through, not great but hey ho...will play till the end of the month...

All was fine on the Betfair trading front till today, had been doing well on the Tennis front, apart from one misclick, but that was my fault...started today with me laying Andy Murray's opponent, this looked like a good bet in the first round of the Monte Carlo Tourney, ahh Murray played like a complete limp faced lettuce, and put in no effort at all and lost 2-6, 1-6, disgrace!!

But then came the zinger! a womans match set had just finished 6-2 with Victoria Azarenka leading, i got on...but strangely Christina McHale's odds were I layed her while it was cheapish...2-2 in 2nd set and still odds are coming down, put a bit more on, then suddenly match suspended??? nothing on Betfair screen and it vanishes?!?!? find a tennis site and it says my player retired, sigh, oh well suppose I get a refund...


...account says lose lose lose! you lose when player retires, obv this open to massive corruption in the lower comps, and was obv happening here by people knowing she was going to retire, so thats it with the tennis trading! tilt shoved the rest on Arsenal...great game!!!

I will be starting my FWL system soon which has been built in conjuntion with Sniper and seems to be running great at the moment, but will concentrate on my rakeback for the rest of this month...

Friday, 2 April 2010

Its Cash Time!!!

Ok I know I have said it countless times, including last month...but April is cash game time! Kept chasing a decent win in March at mtts on Vc but kept getting gang raped all the way, until a few days ago I came 2nd in a $5r speed donkfest for $1400 (guess im King Donk!)

So with it been the start of the month its time to really do it, £0.25/50p and same in euro tables are where I will be playing, lets see what rakeback I can achieve in one month on 50% and maybe some winnings along with it...bear in mind I work 3 days a work average so wont be full on 8 hrs a day fest.

Have qualified cheap for the Pkr masters $100k on Saturday, very nice $250 mtt with $20,000k+ for 1st and only 500+ or so time! as irritating freaks often say...

Dabbled a bit in Sports trading on Betfair, cleaned up at tennis...but my first go at footy backed Man Utd, scored in 2nd min...then backed the draw at 1-1 with 20 mins left, then bit more on Man Utd just in case they do their usual late winner...oh whats that? Bayern 92nd minute winner...GREAT GAME!

Sniper the legendary horse "lay" trader has a new scheme on the burner, could be interesting, see blog opposite for more details! this time next year we will be millionaires Denzil!

Got The Shield boxset, good enough show...but all a bit samey, too much of the mexian drug dealer storylines, going to be a struggle to find a show to match 24, Dexter is the only one thats got close imo, and tbh there should only be a couple more seasons of that at the most...or it will end up stale like some of 24's storylines this season, I think the writers have got a bit LOST!