Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lets Go Green!

After my recent rant regarding the tennis trading I calmed down and realised that a player retiring is rare, I was just unlucky...and have been doing pretty good since, have had limited success at the small go at the Flw, as I bottle it when the first one loses lol!

The pic above shows how sweet Betfair trading can be...when you cant lose with the home/away win or draw, maybe getting the hang of it, nice when they all hit green...

Also been looking at football games where you lay 4 goals or less and have had 4/4 winners so far, tennis I study the form...had a real nice result with the recent ladies final when Stosur was the underdog but won something like 6-0, 6-3, the other player destroyed her racket during the game, was comedy!

This is the last 7 days trading at bus driver levels...

Horse Racing: -£3.76 | Soccer: £116.02 | Tennis: £136.24 | Tote: | Total P&L: £248.50

Not bad for pressing a few buttons and enjoying the sports on tv...but nearly forgot this is a poker blog! forgot to say last time was doing well in the Pkr masters and got down to last 30, of course I got qq all in pre and LOST.

Playing the Victor Chandler Olympic Mtt's at mo, not many runners and should hopefully cash some prizes, though I missed the first three events of the Decathlon...

Actually been enjoying some new music this last week from some classic artists, Blur's new song is a good un, and Ash's A-Z series Cd is fantastic.

Tv wise enjoying 24, Entourage and The Office at the moment, film wise...pfft some real trash out there at the mo...

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  1. What would you say would be a decent sports trading roll to start with mate and what would you say was the bare minimum for the upcoming footie season?