Saturday, 19 December 2009

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year...

Seems like yonks ago I was in the Spanish sun, snow and -5 here at the mo in Selby...sets the Christmas scene nicely tho, and makes a mockery of the whole global warming thing (this is the coldest December here for 20 years+), most of it is a big tax con, letting Labour free to put "green" taxes everywhere...and give billions to the poor countrys we dont have, then they get richer, drive more cars...more carbon etc etc????

On the poker front got a 1st in a $10r for $1555, and a 2nd in a $5 for $1400 both on Victor Chandler (Ipoker), been playing a lot of 25/50p nl cash and the euro equivalent, very loose and much better than the $ tables, often 8 table these and the rakeback is building up nicely (50% rakeback), although have seen unreal stuff on forums re Ipoker, Vc have been banning winning cash players from their site!!! and withholding rakeback...crazy and disgraceful, hopefully they change their minds very fast...

I dont use Hold Em Manager or Pokertracker, I have my own notes, and honestley dont feel a need to buy that software as you see many regular players who always play the same...spoke to a player at these levels, he 13 tables 5 hours a day and raked back $9,000 last month...sweet!

Seen a few movies recentley...thought Paranormal Activity was very overrated, Inglorious Basterds was a good un, tho not up there with Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Looking forward to the return of 24 in Jan, the king of tv imo! tho really one more season and a movie should just about do it...he can only save the day so many times...

Hopefully 2010 I can crack on with the cash and maybe even get banned from Vc (obv winning a lot then!)


  1. Paranormal Activity was pretty good but was hyped to buggery and the end was very Hollywood.

    Good luck at getting banned at VC!

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