Monday, 27 July 2009


Ha! where did the time go...Spain was great, did'nt play much poker out there...just chilled a lot of the time, came 2nd down at Caesars with about 21 runners, no biggie.
Time has flown as i've been working a bit for my friend as he is moving his plant hire business over the summer, dont mind it too much...bit of a change, and also reminds you the freedom poker can give! covering holidays for them really, esp in August as main fellas are off.

Also saw Blur live in Newcastle in a smallish venue (o2 academy), they were abs brilliant with Damon Albarn stage diving into the crowd 3 times! so full of energy and totally rocked, just need some new material at some point hopefully!

On the online poker front, my Bet N Go rakeback deal died, so got yet another Ipoker deal, this time on Victor Chandler which is a good un! Started on July 10th...and the graph is looking ok...

Sticking to one site really seems to be a good idea overall, you beat the variance more aswell as getting to know the regs (plenty of notes), plus im French on there which always helps with people calling.

Also playing a load of cash at 100nl on there to build up the rakeback, been going ok aswell. So will stick to the same stuff and see how August goes...


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