Thursday, 21 May 2009

Break Even - Bash Head

Ahhh, variance saw I had rebooted the blog and decided to smash me over the head! from 165 to 235 games from the last post, just yesterday finally got over the break even curve wen i got a 5th in a shitty $3r, pretty sick tho, aq v aj for massive chip lead, helllllloooo trip dirty BASTARDS! so $300 insted of $1400...

Its brudel stuff, 70+ games might not sound like much but im only really playing one site at the mo and it has been very frustrating, had a few games on Full Tilt to no avail and shoved a wedge on Dtd and found some poor structures on there, no good and may aswell have thrown the money off the Ouse bridge, would have been quicker and more productive...

Really should get my mind on the cash games more, been doing well at them, but the glory and big prizes of mtts always seems to take prime time, even though im only really playing up to $50 mtts with my new bankroll "nit" management...the hours and frustration of mtts really builds up, stick to cash!!! Spain on Saturday and looking forward to 25 deg plus and get away from this miserable rip off hole for a bit!

Ok off to start 6 tabling...mtts...werfdasdgfasegtadgadsgasrgazdgaszbhzdcgbdsgdaa

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