Friday, 5 March 2010

Jesus H Christ Chief...

So another month of misses on Vc and Bwin mtt wise, none stop beats and I wont bore with those but pretty soul destroying when close to a nice wedge...speaking of close got near life changing money in the Stars $40 $1mil gtd, came 73rd out of 41,000 people, started at 7.30pm I went out at at 7.30am lol!

As you can see I had a nice stack, although the blinds were catching up...made a few laydowns where maybe I should have shoved late on, guess I was a bit blinkerd by the 1st prize of $125,000, I got $983 for my troubles in the end...

Also got a 2nd on Party for $956 in a $33 freezeout, but now its time to really give the cash a shot this month, not playing anything too big, going to 10 table $0.25/50 and the £ and euro equivalent's, obv not going to win loads but its the rakeback I want to take a look at, see what I can actually hit in a month of just cash and go from there...

Film wise watched Universal Soldier - Regeneration, oh dear...proof for Van Damme and Lundgren that its time to retire from action movies, non stop action with no depth, story or anything...District 9 haters will probs love it!

Sad to see 24 still stuck in a rut this season, please ban nuclear rods, muzza badguys, and all the other recycled storylines oh and shit characters like Dana asap...ty! its going to end up like Prison Break at this rate...OMG!


  1. you will win BIG very soon my friend, just keep at it....SLEDGE FTW!!!

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